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i hope this never gets removed [18 Nov 2008|11:27am]
o and then it fucking gets removed :| f you mlb
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they made the inside a lot nicer for the movie [24 Aug 2008|03:07am]
dude i stayed in the house they used in that movie "nights in rodanthe" when i was 10.
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bela approves of nastia, assaults bob costas [16 Aug 2008|08:00pm]

bela is like the ari gold of gymnastics. he is a giant, unrelenting ridiculous douchebag but i can't help sekritly liking him :/
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[16 Jan 2008|08:37am]
summ i am essentially only updating this to let you know that i just bought a magenta balenciaga coin purse with GGH...to carry my blackberry in I AM A SICK, SICK PERSON.
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